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The Centralized Application Service for Biomedical Science Programs

The first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for biomedical sciences programs, BioMedCAS™ brings admissions offices an improved way to recruit, enroll and admit best-fit students while saving money and better allocating staff resources each admissions cycle. Liaison offers the global platform for driving applicant volume while providing an optimized applicant experience at no cost to participating programs, allowing you to focus on building better classes.

Doctoral Programs

PhD programs in biomedical sciences are the primary purpose of BioMedCAS. Institutions that offer one or more PhDs in biomedical sciences are permitted to participate in BioMedCAS.

Master’s Programs

BioMedCAS participants that offer an approved PhD in Biomedical Sciences may be permitted to also accept master’s applications through BioMedCAS. For approval, the following conditions must be met:

  • The master’s program must be offered in the biomedical sciences or a closely related field. For example, a master’s of public health would not be appropriate for BioMedCAS but a master of science in biomedical sciences would be acceptable.
  • The master’s program must be research based that includes lab-based research and/or culminates in a biomedical science-based research thesis. Programs with professional or field projects that are not research based will not be approved.

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